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PC50 engine - why half the horsepower of the Cub 50 ?

Posted by : Rory ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Thursday 18/05/17 at 20:26:51

Hi all
First post here, mechanic by trade, lives in arse end of France,

recently i discovered that cyclo moteurs ... also come in 4 stroke, and i never looked back.

lined myself up a nice pc50 to buy but was looking at figures and see it makes only 1.8 hp , and the cub makes 4.5
cub revs to 10k aparently ... and pc revs to half that..
is it becauseno timing advance on the pc50 ??

had thoughts of trying to adapt a cdi module..
Really want a PS50 with its 3 gears.

4 stoke hondas, kind of like the vw 1.9 tdi of motorcyles engines :)

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