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RE: PC50 engine - why half the horsepower of the Cub 50 ?

Posted by : Rory ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Friday 19/05/17 at 21:40:35

these moped runs sound fantastic, i really want to get into them.
as a TOMOS A3 was my first bike when i was 12 i do admit to winning one on ebay about 5 year ago -- flying across to london and driving the thing from north london to 79190 sauze vaussais france.. all was great and not actually that slow - until le mans when it melted a crank seal and proceeded drink all the atf oil from the box, a long cold night in a field and a 25 km push of the thing the next morning got me to some tractor garage and we togeathar managed cram in a seal which worked and they shafted me for ,
it then sort of popped and farted to TOURS 37 and stopped again as the mechanic pinched the wire behind the points so half shorting out , 2 hours at the road side picking the last remaining piston ring out of the piston with the swiss army knife saw it crawl another 8 km and finally the wife had to drive down and find me an exhausted mosquito swelled angry connemara man lol, angry that i was no longer 18 and had by in large failed !!

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