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RE: PC50 engine - why half the horsepower of the Cub 50 ?

Posted by : Rory ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Friday 19/05/17 at 21:52:13

The cub is amazing to make near 5hp mind
the rev limit looks to be 10,000 rpm on a C50 ? and the ps about 5000 rpm
can anyone confirm if the cub uses an ignition advance of some sort / how could they get 10K with no ign advance, even 5000 revs is an effort with no advance !

will certainly look at the washer in exhaust thing, but i doubt sincerely its that simple,

ideally if one was going tuning with Cdi ignitions etc the PS 50 with the gears would be the way to go, the cub undoubtedly is a far better 'real bike' but i got this love affair with the mobylette cyclo moteur shape and frame thing going on,

I picked up a honda Amigo today , with a spare engine with it. ! and so the bloody collecting starts again,

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