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Posted by : Newt ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Tuesday 30/05/17 at 11:52:57

That is a genuine shame.

Once your server has been hacked, and you find you are sending 60,000 spam emails an hour (Happened to us at c90club) the writing is on the wall for most forums/websites.

There aren't many with the technical expertise to pull back from that.

Thanks to James (aliengravy) we recovered. We lost about 5 weeks in the last 8 years. We did however lose all server side pictures up to that point.

People put time and energy into writing accounts for others to enjoy, storing them and keeping them safe isn't something we take lightly. The hosting is as secure as James can afford. We now have no add-on's to the board, even Tappatalk. having a breach, and trying to hush it, rather than address it, does not bode well. You cannot trust anyone these days.

C90Club is now backed up 3 times a day. To the server, and a NAS drive.

Let's hope some of the lost content is still on the writer's hard drives, out there somewhere.

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