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I'm not Zzzzzzzzz......

Posted by : Neil aka Nutter ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Wednesday 31/05/17 at 14:52:32

Hello all. I’ve not disappeared, just rushed off my feet either racing, or maintaining and modifying the fleet of race and road bikes. The small amount of posts I have time to make are usually on FB pages dedicated to a particular race series. Poppet is mothballed at the moment, mainly as I don’t have time to use it. Big Mig is still running fine with it’s 114cc Chinese 110 / Cub90 / ATC70 / C70 hybrid engine, although the float chamber bowl fell off the 22mm Mikuni on the M42 a few weeks back, so that’s now held on with longer screws with additional Nyloc locking nuts fitted. Scruff is faster than ever after a whole load of time, effort, money and tears improving the carburation and exhaust. Eventually it came down to improving the breathing, jetting and needle of the 22mm Chinese pit bike carb, I had been running for years. It still breathes through the original C70 air filter and all fits in the original space under the legshields. The C90ZZ Air box has been modified to provide more air flow, the C70ZZ transfer pipe has been replaced with a larger car radiator hose, and the bored out Wuyang manifold has been replaced with an off the shelf 26/28mm manifold. The exhaust was just a case of dumping the oversize stainless steel MTECH pipe and fitting a smaller Greek MotoSport pipe, which are awful quality, but give the best performance by a mile. Incidentally I’ve not had any luck with the MTECH on anything from 85 to 142cc, I think it’s too big and the step next to the exhaust port too large. Scruffs original semi-auto hybrid 142cc engine is back in, as it is quicker and much much better balanced than the Lifan 125 / YX140 hybrid engine I built. I’ve got another plan for a Semi auto 140, but it will have to wait and I don’t think I will ever improve on Scruffs current engine. If anyone is running a well sorted YX140 set-up in their C90 and would like to compare it’s performance with Scruffs 142cc hybrid, then please get in touch as I would like this too, as I have nothing to compare Scruffs improvements too. Happy tinkering all.

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