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RE: I'm not Zzzzzzzzz......

Posted by : Nutter ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Friday 02/06/17 at 11:48:54

Hi Andy. I had hoped to get a decent pair of original 12V CF70 forks to replace the ones Cheri bent in her accident, but the only "decent condition" forks I managed to buy on eBay turned out to be bent as well, and have worst pitting than the surface of the moon. So the answer is yes, to your kind offer. At least I can have a play around with alternative forks without being ripped off again :/ I'm away the next couple of days, but when I get back, i'll arrange a visit.....have you got any projects on the go, I can have a look at when I come :) ?
All the best and many thanks for the offer. Neil

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