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RE: 125 Club

Posted by : nige ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Wednesday 07/06/17 at 08:51:07

Hi Bogger, that ybr sounds a bit of a wreck??, i,m sure when ben bought it there was no paint on the head stock?, ask him. he,ll probably say no as he might think u want a refund XD . Those spacers and plates are ready for ur pending conversion too, ££££ :) . you,ll soon have more 125,s than a cbt centre. XD
James, all u big bucks coach drivers plead poverty?? too be fair it was a really good doo, thoroughly enjoyed. exceeded expectations :) . i was on my travels last week and got chatting with some biker veterans , the subject of ypres arose and it seems there is much much more to see like craters, tunnels, and even more museums so could be worth another visit next year. if it happens i,ll give you and ady more notice.
Your mpg is very impressive, i cant help but wonder what my innova is going to do when i go to italy next month, bearing in mind i,ll be 2,s up with all camping gear on . i,ve already dropped a tooth on the front and trying to beef up the back rack at the mo. i,m too scared to work out toatal weight but i,m sure its going to be heavy even by bcp standards XD . if it does 80mpg i,ll be quite pleased.

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