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The Crunchie Conker Fight.

Posted by : Nutter ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Wednesday 07/06/17 at 23:25:32

Many of us here will remember the days before video games when it was possible to become a legend in the school playground with nothing but a conker. Well i'm not sure having the fastest Crunchie would make anyone a "legend", a "leg end" maybe, but I think the contest could be a lot of fun and more importantly it would let everyone know the fastest semi auto they could purchase, and possibly prevent further strays to the "dark side" of manual clutch 125's......mentioning no names. I've not worked out the details, but i guess it could be as simple as a 60 mile dual held on am convenient motorway halfway between the challengers homes. It sounds like Scruff would get a right stuffing by a Suzuki Address, but I would thoroughly enjoy finding out, and JJ's hybrid should definately feature. What do peeps think?

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