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Looks like it's going ahead then :o)

Posted by : Nutter ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Thursday 08/06/17 at 18:38:55

Thank you for the interest in this......let's do it. I've got a vague idea that it will go something like this: a Knight (in this case a crunchy rider) and his steed (in this case his crunchy) shall throw down his gauntlet (in this case his bike glove) on the CubChat or C90 Club forum and invite worthy (or even an unworthy) opponents to pick up the metaphorical gauntlet. Once there are a pair of opponent, they shall agree a time, date and place for the dual to take place. So far as places; I would suggest a service station on a motorway or dual carriageway. On the day of the dual, both parties and any spectators shall arrive at the chosen point of departure, and in the spirit of sportsmanship shall have a coffee or even a burger together, and converse politely about the weather or the price of potatoes. I do not recommend talking about what you feel are the obvious failings of your opponent’s steed, people can get very huffy about that. Once tummies are full then it’s time to fill the tanks of their steeds. Now the dual is on, both riders shall set off at the same time and ride as fat as they can (or choose too) to a junction around 25 to 35 miles away, where they will turn about and return as fast as they possibly can to the original point of departure. First rider to return shall be considered to have the fastest crunchy.
I’m thinking that no formal timings or speeds be recorded, as they are only really relevant for the time and place of the event they where they were recorded. I also think this makes it a bit more fun, as no new challenger will have any knowledge of his opponent other than by the opponents he or she has beaten.
So what do you think? Any suggestions for improvements on this idea?

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