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RE: The Crunchie Conker Fight.

Posted by : Nutter ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Friday 09/06/17 at 23:34:48

I think it would be good if this was educational as well as fun. So an Innova versus an Address would be good. If you fancy the challenge, then just post "i'm up for it" and wait for someone to challenge you. Definitely not limited to 125's. But to get things rolling, Scruff and I are throwing down the gauntlet to anything and any distance....any excuse to ride really. Recently I came last in the Plop Enduro and had to make a visit to hospital, I was absolutely.............over the moon, I had a fab time. So quicker than Scruff and I, then we shall try to keep up, slower than Scruff and I, then we shall ride with you. So we have thrown down the gauntlet, who would like to pick it up?

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