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RE: The Crunchie Conker Fight.

Posted by : Neil aka Nutter ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Wednesday 14/06/17 at 12:31:37

Hi James.
The Severn View Services it is then. My initial thoughts were that this contest should provide useful information too, so to this end I thought we could measure how much fuel each of us uses too (Scruff will definitely be losing that competition), so being able to fill up before we leave and then again on our return, would make the calculations easier. I suggested 25 miles each way as a sort of minimum to prove which bikes were fastest overall to prevent an over tuned beast turning up and thrashing everyone in a 10 mile sprint, only to overheat 10 miles later. So I thought a 50 mile round trip provided a fairer contest between modified and unmodified bikes. I’ll come down the M5 if we are going to the M48, so Scruff will be plenty warm enough already. The dates are fine for me, I’ll just check with Cheri to make sure we are not up to anything. Don’t listen to those Northern heathens, a cream tea is an excellent idea lol. I’m not sure how much you know about Scruffs engine, but basically it’s a Lifan 125 with a 57mm big bore kit fitted (making it around 142cc), a ported Wuyang cylinder head, a Z40 cam, a Heinz 57 22mm Chinese pit bike carb, and breaths through the original C70 air filter via the frame (busting the myth they are too restrictive).

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