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RE: The Crunchie Conker Fight.

Posted by : jammy james ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Wednesday 14/06/17 at 22:14:21

ok, feeling nervous now! I'm up against a 142cc monster :O So we'll start and finish at the severn view services M48! so 25 miles each way/ do you have a preferance to go west (into Wales) or east along the m4?? Going east i think (says google maps) 25ish miles takes you to junc 17. / OR GO WEST 27 miles is to junction 30. West might be more interesting, more hills/slightly curvy(for a motorway!) etc on the Welch M4!! looking forward to this, although have a feeling i may lose in terms of speed anyway.. :( maybe i'll win the mpg count!

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