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RE: The Crunchie Conker Fight.

Posted by : Neil aka Nutter ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Thursday 15/06/17 at 16:12:41

I’m inclined to agree with you Bogger. In the one corner we have a modern Japanese factory built bike with all components; dyno optimized to work in perfect unison, and probably wind tunnel tested aero dynamics. In the other corner at a whopping additional 17cc we have a Heinz 57 of Chinese engine parts assembled in my driveway, breathing through a 6V Honda C70 air filter, via a car radiator hose to another Heinz 57 of Chinese pit bike carb parts, through a virtually right angled Chinese manifold, through a Wuyang 125 head, finally exhausting through a poor quality Greek origin exhaust. All this is hanging from a very rusty 1982 Honda C70 with original straight pull throttle and a huge top box full of spares and tools. But I’ll give it a go, after all it wouldn’t be so much fun if the outcome was certain.

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