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RE: old 6 volt cub price?

Posted by : radar shropshire ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Saturday 08/07/17 at 21:52:58

Glen ten, if you intend doing around the world trips etc, go for the modern(ish) plastic 12v Cub

If you'd rather have something with a bit more class and character, go for the 6 volters XD

To put things in perspective I've had my 6 volt c90 for many years, great for popping to the country farm shop for free range eggs, seaside trips and picnic days out. I've kept it standard and never had any real problems with it.

As been mentioned the parts are harder to find on the very early models but not impossible, if you do fancy one, look for late 70s early 80s models and check the wheels for rot as these are not easy to find and can be expensive to replace.

Top Tip....whatever model you buy 6v or 12v change the oil and clean the metal oil filter before you take the bike for any long run. ;)

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