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RE: old 6 volt cub price?

Posted by : radar shropshire ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Sunday 09/07/17 at 14:04:23

Three common held views banded around about the Honda C90 6volt... :(

1/... The engine overheats.....WRONG! I did a 24 mile motorway test going flat out full throttle all the way riding first my 12v and then the 6v C90s, then took a oil temp readinga at the end, guess what? the 6 volt ran cooler. I uploaded the video on Youtube to prove it.

2/ The 6 volt needs a battery to run......WRONG! again I did a youtube video showing how to run the bike without any battery. again I uploaded a video on the subject.

3/ The 6volt C90 is unique and it not like any other version in the Cub range....not so! the CT90 Trail has the same engine and uses the same breaker point system (located in the engine head) and apart from the 2 speed final drive ( for Trail) its the same engine.

Honda had confidence to put this same 6v engine on a Trail bike that was going to be put under a lot of hard trail use. :)

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