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RE: loose swing arm

Posted by : nige ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Thursday 13/07/17 at 11:09:42

Hi Chris, i had this problem with my zz. I ended up carefully cutting off the damaged bit both sides straight (about 6mm) filing it as square as poss. i found 2 x 4mm h/d washers ( diesel engine cylinder bolts i think , same internal diameter ) i refitted s/arm with both big washers either side + a smaller outer diameter 2mm washer outside the big one touching s/arm bushes to emulate standard tube and after doing my best to line up i welded washers to frame tube, painted , refitted s/arm with smaller washers in place. happy days :) . no probs so far but only done 2000 miles. next time i,d get some steel bar machined to fit over existing tube etc but not too thick that would possible affect chain running over it.

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