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Profs 'STOLEN' memorial stone

Posted by : Fuzz........Bulgaria ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Wednesday 09/08/17 at 11:24:18

After reading on here that Profs memorial stone had been stolen from the Wyeside campsite in Rhayader, i messaged the camping and caravan club on Facebook.
They replied ....

Hi Paul.

Thank you for your message.

I am sorry to hear that your friends memorial stone has been removed. We are not currently aware of this memorial at the site but will investigate further whether the stone has been removed and if so what has happened to it, and get back to you.

Many thanks,
Lauren, Communications Team

Then they replied

Hi Paul,

I have spoken to the new owners of the site, and they have searched and cannot find the memorial stone either. They have not removed the stone, however, have informed me that over the Winter 2016 the site was badly flooded.

Due to the position of the memorial stone near the river bank, we believe that the stone may have been washed away in the flooding.

I can assure you that the stone has not purposely been removed from its position by the current team.

Many thanks,
Lauren, Communications Team

Finally today

Hi Paul,

I have received an email today from the HSM at Wyeside and they have managed to locate the memorial stone, it had sunk into the ground and the plants around it had become overgrown.

Wendy and Rob, who now manage the site, will dig it up and keep it safe while the refurbishments take place on the site. They are happy to either relay it into a suitable place after the refurbishment or for you to collect it if you wish.

Many thanks,

So to everyone who donated towards the tree and the stone........we have the stone back

When up in Wales next i will arrange something,,,,,

Fuzz & Sue

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