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Hesitant acceleration on a Honda C90 12v checklist

Posted by : radar shropshire ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Sunday 27/08/17 at 10:35:31

Bike starts on the button ticks over smoothly, take it out on the road and increase the throttle the bike hesitates or (bogs down)

1. thoroughly cleaned the carburetor.. result.. no difference
2. changed complete carburetor for a new one.result. no difference
3. snipped 1/4" off the end of the HT plug end lead .. .no difference
4. changed the complete coil and HT lead... no difference
5. changed the air filter..result no difference
6. changed the spark plug...result .. no difference
7. checked for air leaks around manifold and carburetor ..no difference
8. Changed the CDI unit.... no difference
9. Checked wiring for shorts.... no difference
10. changed the complete exhaust no difference
11. examined/cleaned generator and pick up ... no difference
12. checked/adjusted the valve clearances... no difference
13. Checked new carburetor again changed the jet needle.. no difference

At this point I was losing the will to live, :( I had one other spare carburetor, logic ruled that it would not work, but eh I was beginning to think some sort of dark magic was involved here and I was willing to try anything.
Result..... NO DIFFERENCE! :( then thought I'd swap to the carbs original jet needle as a last ditch attempt, and...BINGO ..IT WORKED
confused but contented :s ^_^

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