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RE: Hesitant acceleration on a Honda C90 12v checklist

Posted by : radar shropshire ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Monday 28/08/17 at 21:05:12

What threw me, was when I changed to a new carburetor (Kehin look alike) and took the bike out on the road it behaved exactly the same as my original Honda Carburetor o.O
it was at that point I thought it must be an electrical problem.

I think the lesson here foe me is, if running problems occur and you suspect the carburetor, A Chinese replacement is not the way forward.

I guess the used needles I swapped were not compatible to the original Honda Carburetor or maybe the needle jet itself inside the carburetor was worn?

In retrospect it would have been wiser to have fitted a complete new carb kit to the Honda one or even as mentioned to the the Chinese Carb before trying other things. XD

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