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RE: Just saying hi

Posted by : Butch ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Saturday 18/11/17 at 19:23:48

Oh arr chaydal ow rayet. ;D in my defence I only use the bike for short runs nipping here and there runs 2 miles probadly most.

I suspect now the issue was not so much recent. However that's no excuse but you live and learn. Don't worry I've had some stick all week at work so I'm suffering atm.

I drain 550mls of oil out the engine when I got it home. I'm thinking maybe? cam Chain was slack ?? Anyway it's new camchain,pump drive,new uprated pump,and new top end.

I would add some pics on here but tbh I ain't a clue how :/

Thanks for the interest and banter it does brighten the day <g>

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