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Heres my seat i've been working on Recently

Posted by : Butch ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Sunday 03/12/17 at 14:30:29

Guys i thought i'd share this with you. I've been working on my seat i recently bought £20 After stripping it down and repaired the damaged threads etc i had the base powder coated. It looks like a new un :D

My next step was to rechrome the seat strap end plates and replace the rivet type fittings. basically to give it that original look. I did this by usying a stainless m6 coach bolt grind and polished to shape and size, that way i will only have to use a half nut to secure it in place.
38773281872_c53398cb5e.jpg2017-12-03_10-54-15 by Paul Mellor, on Flickr
23939033077_62a4fdf6b1.jpg2017-12-03_10-53-55 by Paul Mellor, on Flickr
the original Rivet type
38803326541_25b681a0bb.jpg2017-12-03_10-54-51 by Paul Mellor, on Flickr
my pattern remake
24931229018_a6225b93ff.jpg2017-12-03_10-54-35 by Paul Mellor, on Flickr
So having done all the prework prior to finally fitting the cover i'm just looking for advice etc. I have the option to take the seat assembly to a guy who can remake a cover following the original covering but unable to sort the "Honda" on the reverse of the seat. before i do that im asking if there is reputable cover supplier available on the market any one would recommend. ??

This is the seat i have currently fitted. as you my know it is not for this model but the covering is excellent.
37934374864_92bb7c1f79.jpg2017-11-26_10-58-14 by Paul Mellor, on Flickr

thanks in advance Guys :)

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