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This mornings maitenance

Posted by : butch ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Saturday 09/12/17 at 21:13:50

been in the garage this morning. i finish my work shift last night at 8pm (noons) so it was -2 degrees the roads on my estate were like sheets of ice 8) 8) both feet down on the road.

Well its been a couple wks since the engine rebuild, ive used it everyday with no issues other than having put the two fuel pipes wrong way round. ie "on" in the reserve pipe on the carb so i ran out on a hill climb to work. Luckily i have my trusted 250mls pop bottle in my box for emergency circumstances XD XD XD

Anyway i removed the rear wheel applied a wax oil under the rear muddy which i do on a regular basis this is my 3rd winter on the bike and it still looks good. im well pleased with it.

While the wheel was out i took the opportunity to give the brake lever and plate a grease and a good clean. when it was all back together it was a short trip down the road for a test

a couple of pics from this morning.
38906678462_c5ef5f84f0_z.jpg2017-12-09_08-51-03 by Paul Mellor, on Flickr
38226577714_1f76b8b54b_z.jpg2017-12-09_08-50-15 by Paul Mellor, on Flickr

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