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check your nuts

Posted by : jammy ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Friday 22/12/17 at 11:36:08

No, really check em! I find the more i use the cub the less i tinker with it. With the little suzuki tucked up for the winter the cubs out everyday to work and back and all other duties as its my only transport at this time of year. The front end has been feeling a little loose these days, put it down to some slop in the front bushes. Had to pop out this morning, touched the front brake at the end of the road and felt the front wheel flap about like mad. o.O carried on a little slower than normal the bike not feeling correct, touching the front brake nearly having me off! Made my destination, collected item and started home the bike going into tank slapper mode XD oh fuck!! right pull over, front end looks normal,spilt pins still in spindle/nut appears tight etc, grab front end and has normal slop......mmmmmm put fingers on front wheel nut,,,,ITS FINGER TIGHT!! 8) spanner out of top box nip up nut bike rides normal again <g> In the past I've lost one of the rear shock nuts....so a regular nut check is worth doing. PS since photobucket issues whats the best way for pics these days!!

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