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wet foot

Posted by : jammy ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Friday 29/12/17 at 20:16:31

Lots of rain last night darn sarf.....popped out on the cub this morning and a local semi rural road flooded cars turning around trucks and 4x4 going through. Waters deep the cub will defo conk out...aha onto footpath ride up to floodwater, looks deep but only 20 or 30 meters and tarmac footpath so lets go. Oh shit soon as I hit water its deep and ground must be full of mud and shit I'm out of control and veer left into barbed wire fence bike stalls I dab left foot down and I'm wearing trainers! Fuck I'm now leant against fence feet held up out of water, hit the start button (see elec start wins every time) she roars intolife and off again charging out of flood and back onto road whopping. I then spend the next few hours in town with one very wet foot and lower 18 inches of jeans wet. XD
Ps got conti go front and rear and they are blood awfull this time of year riding home from work around midnight yesterday had a big slide turning right shat meself. >:(

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