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no more biking after crash

Posted by : evo ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Sunday 21/01/18 at 16:23:40

on 12th October at 6am I crashed the vstrom 650 whilst going to work even though I cant remember the accident it was recorded on a bus camera and the artics camera and I was supposed to have overtaking a couple of vehicles and rode head on into a artic and my injuries consisted of nine broken ribs, punctured lung, four fractures of the spine including a broken neck, left wrist broken and wired back together, right wrist up to the elbow bones broken in four places and two pieces came through my arm resulting in my arm and wrist getting plated and wired and skin grafted my right shoulder has three of the five nerves have been pulled out leaving limited movement so I can only move my fingers and nothing else on the arm, I was in a induced coma for three weeks I had a tracheostomy to help with my breathing in fact I nearly died about four times anyway after moving hospital the staff tried to get me up to walk and my left knee and thigh started moving in a unusual way so after a xray and scan they found that my knee was only held on by one ligament so now I need a new knee so I have spent three months in three hospitals and now my arm is out of service and according to the surgeon it will never be strong or flexible enough to ride a motorbike

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