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Leaky carb bowl

Posted by : Butch ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Sunday 04/02/18 at 09:21:43

Morning fellow boggers yesterday i had the pleasure of working on my mate 50 step thru :/ :/ all for mate rates <g> <g> <g> anyway he was complaining of the constant smell of petrol and the small droplets under the bike when e left it over night. I can vouch for the smell of petrol o.O o.O my garage is attached to the house and you good smell it in the kitchen, wifey not to happy >:( >:(

Anyway having done his rear puncture it was a case of sorting the leak out so off with the carb. The petrol pipes had seen better days by the looks of them :/

It seams with a little attention to detail fitting the seal and putting the carb back together he failed to seat the seal correctly causing it to weep. (see pic below) Having establish what seamed to be the fault i placed the seal in hot water to soften it so i could push all the seal in the groove in addition using rubber the grease to help the seal.
25202130977_46e42a0c24.jpg2018-02-04_08-59-20/url] by Paul Mellor, on Flickr

Even treated it to some new petrol pipes
heres the old and the new ;D ;D
39363346444_a42edd0daa.jpg2018-02-04_09-00-01 by Paul Mellor, on Flickr
39363341064_623fc3947a.jpg2018-02-04_08-59-41 by Paul Mellor, on Flickr
See you around folks :) :)

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