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RE: SaltySnax

Posted by : Saltysnax ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Friday 16/02/18 at 20:24:04

Yes I'm still here muddling through life, as you do. I look in here from time to time and am still bimbling along on the small bike or the big one, depending on the mood of the day. All ok here just busy with life's bits and bobs that need doing. I wondered who the text was from on my phone, didn't know it was Chris as I don't have him as a contact listed, so now the mystery text is solved. Don't know if I'll make Rhyader this year as I'm hoping to have the spokes tightened and bearings cleaned out in my left knee and the recovery period is quite a few months I believe. Looking forward to a few months off work and swimming and bicycling in the summer months as part of physio rehab, lovely. :)

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