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No choke required

Posted by : Butch ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Monday 05/03/18 at 19:02:03

Guys/Girls tbh im not sure if anything is wrong ??? ive recently rebuild my engine C90 top end after it seized on the way home. Ive done 400 miles since rebuild with no issues etc. After running it thru this recent cold/freezing spell i expected it to need some chocke to start,

last friday it was a chill factor of about -4 plus and it flooded the carb on starting after i pulled the choke on. i kick and kicked to no avail. I ended replacing the plug with a fresh old re-cleaned one and it fired in straight away first kick. Phewwwwww

Obviously the plug removed was soaked and black. Now infairness the journey to work was wet snowing and the bike had done a number of miles at low revs and leaving from work was 7 hrs later.

This wk/end i slightly turn the tick over up and dont touch the choke lever on starting and tbh i haven't had a problem

Im interested in your thoughts if you think its just a circumstances causing the none starting or do you think there could be an underline issue that has not yet surfaced.

Thanks in advance ;D ;D ;D

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